She’s Back.

Hello from my hometown, Middletown, Delaware. I’m back! Rather, I’ve been back… I’m back to the U.S.A. and I’m back to the blogging world. Again learning to flush my toilet paper down the bowl, drive on the right side of the road, and order at Starbucks (yes, I messed this up upon re-entry) have been intriguing. Most of all, I’m learning how to do this thing (life) over here in high-paced society. Honestly, I didn’t think that coming back would be so difficult. I have decisions to make, various people to see, and situations that throw me through a loop. Learning how to rest and trust (again) is bringing me further into His sweet Love. He is so, so, SO good, my friends.


San Francisco with my dear friend Astrid a few weeks ago. Credit: Astrid Sky

I’ve begun a new blog because…well, this is the start of another new season and it seems fitting. 🙂 I pray that I can continue learning how to best glorify Him through my actions, the words of my mouth, and the words that I type on this  online journal.


Somewhere near Pismo Beach while driving up the west coast. Credit: Astrid Sky

Where am I headed? Only time will tell. I have ideas, visions, and dreams…lots of them. The multitude of possibilities often overruns my mind. But I’m excited. I can hardly wait to see where I’ll end up…even in a few weeks. Here’s to living in the moment!



2 thoughts on “She’s Back.

  1. Marissa! I miss you. Glad you’re back. In all sense of the word. 🙂 I’m not sure what your phone number is…but mine is the same as before, so text/call me sometime. I’d LOVE to catch up to speed!

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