Inspiring Admiration

The title of this newfound blog is Catching Augustand I’m about to analyze the meaning…right now

The meaning of these two words can be one of a few things. Maybe it is profoundly literary. I would like to think that it is. Maybe though, it is only me trying to be of some intelligence. I’ve always thought that my writing contained greater quality than my speaking. Whatever its importance, here are my thoughts behind the phrase…

I like to write about everyday discoveries and intricate topics, but I realize that my desire in life and the crux of anything in which I involve myself must be fully devoted to the splendor of the Heavenly Father. And so, the essence of my writing has to be all about the pursuit of Him.

“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” -1 Corinthians 10:31

“Chasing God.”

While that phrase by itself  is beyond brilliant in meaning, I had to think of something more, how you say…original.

After a bit of Josh Garrels, flipping through every underlined verse in my Bible, and the ever-invaluable, I was on to something…

Catching August. 

Allow me to break it down.

I like many of Webster’s definitions of the word, catch

-to capture or seize especially after pursuit

-to discover unexpectedly

-to obtain through effort

-to take in and retain

-to meet with

-to become fired with enthusiasm

-to become affected by

This seemingly simple word can take on the most multi-faceted significance. It is no longer just red stitches on white leather landing into a Rawlings glove.

Then, there is august…

I must be honest in relaying that I didn’t know the meaning of this term beyond it being the eighth month of the year.

August: inspiring reverence or admiration; of supreme dignity or grandeur; majestic

Fabulous, yes?

And the word August simply sounds beautiful.

It is my aim (through Christ) that this blog would emulate this great pursuit of God. That it would stir the discovery of His supreme grandeur, that it would trigger the encounter of His majesty in the mundane, and that it would inspire myself and others to a greater admiration of the One who holds our every moment.

I must share of some sweet, several moments that I had last night.

I sat, watching as my little sister tried on about twenty different wedding gowns in front of ten panels of mirrors.

She found one, and it’s utterly perfect. She was stunning last night and I know that she will look inconceivably gorgeous on December 29th. My mom and I alternated going in and out of the dressing room, zippering and unzipping the costly dresses. There was Michael Buble playing in the background and billowy white stuff all around. I can only imagine what Lindsay was feeling. She’s really getting married!

After my mom swiped her credit card and the three of us excitedly exited the bridal shop, we drove to our favorite Indian restaurant. To our dismay, it was closed. What else to do but head over to the Charcoal Pit? Yeah, we laughed and chatted with one another and our waitress over french fries and milkshakes at 11:00 pm.

I drove home separately in my family’s little Volkswagen Jetta. My mind was reeling about wedding planning, job prospects, and relationships. My thoughts didn’t last very long until they were reverted.

I soon thought…

“What would I think about if I couldn’t think about God?” Would my thoughts run out? Would I drive myself crazy until I crashed into the sedan in front? Really, what would happen?

I thank Him for just being there with me…all the time.

“You can call my name and I will find you. Heaven and Hell can’t separate our love. I’m doing it all for you, my love. Yeah, I’ll come back for you.” -Josh Garrels

May we always be taking in His majesty, seeing Him in all the details, for He is with us…

Catching August.


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