Not Too Far Gone

Goodness, I’ll never grasp it. But I believe in it!

I’ve heard it time and again that He will never leave us or forsake us. (Hebrews 13:5) I’ve clung to the vision that His grace is [beyond] sufficient and His power is made perfect in weakness. (2 Corinthians 12:9) I know that we are more than conquerors through Him who [radically] loves us. (Romans 8:37) I believe these things with all of my being. Since I’ve seen them in motion in my life as well as in the lives of thousands of others, I have to believe them. The vast array of scenarios in which these things are played out astounds me.

As I learned of another redemption story this morning, my mind yet again is unable to comprehend His love.

Credit: A Well Traveled Woman

I read a blog from a mutual friend who has had it pretty rough…more awful than most. At an unconceivable age, she was molested by both her uncle and grandfather. In turn, she too mistreated others in this way. From drugs, being sexually abused at a young age, and divorce, her life was seemingly worthless. But she’s far from worthless. Yes, she’s had unruly occurrences and has also performed appalling acts. But somehowher being is anything but appalling to the Father. She’s experienced His grace and is forever transformed.

There are stories of people in entrapment that I can’t help but reflect upon, both large and small. They are stories of men in prison. A young woman who struggles with her temper. Another young woman battling homosexuality. A little boy who cries over his lies. A pastor who has fallen deep into secret temptation. A mother who allows her adult children to trample over her.

These words are more than an attempt at making you and I feel better about ourselves. It simply can’t be about seeing the faults of others, and eluding that we have at least done things a little better.

We’re distorted human beings…all of us. Horrific things happen to many of us. Every one of us screws up in one sense or another. We never cease to mess things up. I spouted off more than a few smart and unnecessary  comments to my sister this morning (and before church, at that). I’ve been far less than a great friend as of late…keeping to myself and sulking in my circumstances. No, not as bad, but yes…just as bad. Folks often disappoint me and I am confident that I do the same. The scale…we often measure. We must stop measuring. We must stop judging.

People . . .

Credit: Travel The Road

Credit: Astrid Sky

I must be honest…

I’m broken.

Yes, I’m distraught that so many are living in bondage. I’m also in shambles about the lack of love. And I’m not speaking of tolerance or even acts of kindness. I’m talking about that Love that only comes from the Savior, Creator…Yaweh.

I’m sick of the judgement. And I’ve been in on it in the past. I still process through it at times…

There are so many “if’s,” but’s,” and “what if’s” that could maybe be  justified when it comes the states of other people…

He’s a pastor…he shouldn’t be looking at porn.

She should find a more respectable job…even if it means making minimum wage.

How could she scream at her kids in that way?

He keeps falling back on that heroin over and over again.

She has had children with three different guys.

She is so worried about what people think.

These statements are true in many cases. It shouldn’t matter.

Men, women, and children are being redeemed everywhere. These people can be redeemed as well.

I don’t want to be a sympathizing mat that people trample upon. I want to stand up for truth. I don’t want to compromise ungodliness.

I just know that every single person is undeniably loved by their Creator. In fact, the Father loves them just as much as He loves me. The prostitute, the politician, the misfit, yes…and that guy wearing the red polo who was standing behind me in line at World Cafe Live three nights ago. If He loves them as much as He loves me, they’re never too far gone.

After all, grace is a gift…it’s not earned, right? (Ephesians 2:8)


We’re desperate for grace, and it’s available. We must capture it and dispel.

And so this is what I’ve been thinking about. I’ve been thinking about people and seeing them in a new Light…the one that the Father casts. I so badly want people to know this Love and walk in freedom…freedom from these things. It’s possible, my friends!

Lastly, here is a video that has encouraged me and enriched my train of thought toward all of this. Credit is due to my awesome brother.


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