September 29th


My brother makes fun of the remarkable fascination that girls tend to have with the autumn season. Chris sarcastically quotes, “OMG, I love fall weather! Hoodies, boots, and bonfires!!” This reasoning is rightfully justified. Simply log into any social media venue and check it for yourself. But you know, I’m more than okay with it. In fact, I myself am indulging.

My mom and I went for a gorgeous little hike at Brandywine Creek State Park last weekend. Vast, rolling fields of golden rod and ancient, changing oak trees that have been lingering since the time of the Lenape Indians in Delaware. Late in the afternoon, we headed to Trader Joe’s for some necessary groceries. Pasta, limes, sweet potatoes, red onions, and other typical things filled the cart with the added pleasure of some fall-esque items that my mom graciously let me toss in as well. Pumpkin pancake mix, pumpkin bread mix, AND pumpkin spiced coffee grounds. All three come highly recommended by my family.

On Love

I get weird when I talk about love. I could forever talk about the greatest Love, the love of Jesus. When it comes to Shakespeare’s unrequited love, I’m not too familiar. I only know what I’ve seen in movies, read in books, learned from hearsay. But now, another source has been thrown in the mix. My sister has fallen in love. And oh, she’s fallen hard. She and Nick are incredible together and their relationship has opened my eyes a little wider. I’ve seen many friends fall in love, get married, have kids. I can honestly say that seeing my sister in this boat turns the tables. It’s really real. I wish I could elaborate a little more. I’ll just say that they are perfect for each other, for they are one another’s best friends. And let me be honest once again…it gives me hope…hope that if and when I get married, it won’t be to anyone less than my best friend.


My friend Kelley once gave me a piece of advice that I often reflect upon. I’ve been thinking about it even more since I’ve had ample downtime as of late. She suggested writing down all the things I would do if I had the time or means to do them. Of course, taping that piece of paper on your mirror or the back of your bedroom door is a must. Random spare time gives way to tackling these items. I’ve been thinking about the things that I would now put on that list…

Conserving Passion

I’ve felt a bit complacent since being home. I’ve been talking to God, digging into the Word, worshipping, spending time with people who I immensely love. But I guess it’s a given. I was overseas, ministering for a year. My world was broadened and I gained immense perspective. I’m back to the place where I started. I’m physically in this place, trying to live with that broadened perspective. It takes a whole lot of humility and listening to the Holy Spirit. Biting my tongue. Examining the deeper issues. I’ve seen the least, the poor, and the enslaved. I almost feel guilty for being here. I’m not helping them. But I desperately need to be  right here for reasons that I know and for others that I don’t comprehend. Seasons…

Sharpening Iron

I have superb friends. God definitely loves me through my friends. They somehow seem intrigued by my minuscule life. They are interested in being a part of it…pouring into me and allowing me to spout off some things back at them. I could list examples, give names, tell their stories. Thank you, ALL of you. You guys are helping me to move forward, inspiring me to keep my eyes focused on the Kingdom that is at hand.

And well, my sweaters and boots are still in Colorado. It’s not too disappointing because I’m headed out there in just a few days to be reunited with them and some people I’ve dearly been missing. Colorado…it’s been a good while since I’ve stepped foot in that majestic state. I’m leery to go back because I am uncertain of how long I will remain. I still don’t love change. I’m still learning to love it…just like last year and the year before that one. There are factors that life has dealt. These factors make the near future unknown. But, I must return joyfully knowing that He has determined my steps (Proverbs 16:9).

He is unchanging STILL.

The roots are deep. Experience is underway. There is more to see. There is more to do. The roots will go deeper. Future experiences will surpass the former. Ultimately, this LOVE will grow stronger.

“Take me anywhere, Jesus.”

One should know that I’ve been listening to Mumford’s Babel while writing these snippets along with 90 percent of the world’s cognizant young-ish people. How could I not? Those lads have some impressive boots.

Good morning.


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