Sweet Insects

It’s a super muggy night in Delaware. I dare to say that I can speak for the entire state (there are only three counties). My brother and I went for a run this evening. We embarked after dark into the thick fog on the streets. It probably wasn’t too safe. There were a few times in which I darted into the soggy grass for fear of oncoming traffic. Plus, it wasn’t a comfortable run. I felt as if I was swimming. I hadn’t sweat that much since Bangkok. It wasn’t ideal, but it was serene…when I wasn’t talking my brother’s ear off, that is.

It was serene besides the chirps of the crickets in the roadside marsh areas. Crickets chirp, right? No, that can’t be right…birds chirp. Oh well…

I don’t know how else to say it except that tonight, I crave silence. I often crave silence, but never succeed to enter its soothing haven. Slight obsession with music becomes a roadblock. Even in my times of solitude, I have a soundtrack. Music is great. I almost justified worship music, for that’s what I usually do. But tonight, I put even that aside.

My mind needs to be at rest.

It sounds really nice.

They sound really nice…

the crickets.

I’m on the brink of closing my laptop.

Know that He is God.


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