Beer, Squirrels, & Bubble Tea

I’m a nanny and I absolutely love it. If I’m honest, I’ve always wanted to be one. Living in an awesome city. Hanging out with adorable kids. Free room and board. A family who takes me out to eat, adds me to their climbing gym membership, and introduces me to a new craft beer just about every night are sweet perks as well. If all of this isn’t enough, I get to read Where The Wild Things Are three times each day. So, yes, this is my dream job – definitely not forever, but for now, it’s perfect.

It may be glorious, but like any other job, it comes with challenges. And these challenges are more than pushing a stroller up hills or getting a kid to eat their carrots. It’s impossible to measure my current trials against those of my previous jobs, for they’re simply so different. They’re different in that they’re molding my character. As I strive to be a good example and lavish love upon these little girls, I am being challenged in more ways than I thought possible. Patience, consistency, creativity, wisdom, and sacrifice are my prevailing run-ins.

Patience is a given with kids, right? Let’s just say that little people talke longer to put on their shoes and brush their teeth. These girls are teaching me to stop, to embrace the time I have with them, to bask in overlooked gifts that are simply beautiful. When we take walks, we stand under the same massive oak tree for five straight minutes to gaze up at the feisty squirrels scurrying from branch to telephone line to fence. Extensive giggles are a given.
I am learning even more to stand by my word and be consistent. I absolutely have to administer a consequence when it is called for. Just the same, I must have that tea party on Thursday afternoon if I’ve already suggested. Falty lines in either situation result in chaos and confusion.

Oh, how I’m pulling from my creative juices…the small amounts that I actually have! I have to be ready for an eight-hour rainy day inside or a quiet activity while the younger one is napping. I’ve never had to have so much “excitement” up my sleeve. Today is a prime example of keeping on my toes. We took a walk to “storytime” at the library this morning, but it was cancelled. Instead, we headed to the massive playground around the corner, but it was closed for school hours. I then excitedly asked, “Do you guys want to go to St. Elmo’s for hot chocolate?!” Sophie responded, “No, how about bubble tea from Thai Peppers?” Onward. I had somehow forgotten that it was only 10:45 a.m. We waited 15 minutes for the place to open only to find that they had no tapioca pearls. There was a long, cold walk home. More patience ensued with all parties. After lunch, Sophie helped me do some laundry and was more than happy. Thank you, LORD. Maybe I don’t have to be ingenius all the time…
If you’ve ever spent even a few minutes with a kid, you understand that they ask questions…about everything. Sometimes the answers are simple. Other times, they require a bit of consideration. Kids take words to heart! I haven’t yet been presented with, “Where do babies come from?” Still, there are things that catch me off guard. These are good – for their minds and my own. I hope and pray for the wisdom to answer them with grace and truth.

At the end of my day, I reflect upon the questions. I think about what I could have done differently. I wonder how firm and loving I was when they acted out of order. And I realize again through these little girls that He is the only one that can carry me through. He is the one who grants me the fruits of the Spirit, gives me wisdom, and loves through me. Without Him, I could not find satisfaction in this job. I am realizing just how massive His heart really is for His children…both the kids I take care of and myself.
Sophie and Mia -such a joy.

Thanking Him for teaching me in this season and using me to teach these little people who will one day be influencing others.


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