There is this place that my soul finds itself in which I become fearless.


When I am there, I am not concerned about the imperfections on my face, pleasing my superiors, or when I will discover what it is I shall do with my life. In this place, I find tranquility. I am confident that I could be even in a war zone, yet nothing…absolutely nothing could slightly alter the serenity that engulfs like a continuous crashing ocean wave.


Beams of sunlight suddenly burst through the densest clouds. Am I dreaming? I can’t be. I’m not. I can be at my worst possible state. I can be in a most uncomfortable place. Even still, I can arrive at this glorious place.


This place is nowhere else but with my God. False humility crumbles. Insecurity deteriorates. The objects of meaninglessness are out of view. The “scale” of goodness is reevaluated. There is but One thing that can satisfy.


I can depart to this place at any time I desire just as Lucy did to Narnia. Despite what many, including my very mind may often think, I’m not escaping reality. I’m entering reality.


There is a realm that is available to all who seek. If it did not exist, human life would be a dreadful reality. It is for this other place…this Kingdom that I live, endeavor, work, breathe.


This LOVE…


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