So in Love

I’m overwhelmed with who He is. He’s everything.

He’s everything…and that overwhelms me in the greatest sense. Gratefulness is overflowing.

He keeps loving me.

He extends his grace when I far from deserve a second chance because of my hypocritical ways.

He tells me that He has a plan for my days, including this very day.

He longs for my soul and is the most intimate lover I’ll ever know.

He fills me with immeasurable joy and gives me the most beautiful perspective that I couldn’t gain anywhere else.

He is there. He is here. He never leaves me.

He, Himself is my home. I may feel like an aimless wanderer, but He assures me that I’m always home.

He is my teacher. He teaches me more than any text, instructor, or experience.

He is my shelter and makes me fearless in the most dire circumstances.

He makes all the good things disappear…all the things are good, but not that as grand as Him. All the good intentions, morals, theology, and just causes hit the dust. They disappear so that only He remains.
May others know this Love that is right there in their midst, ready for the taking. That is my prayer.


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