Pre-Spring in Alexandria



I’ll state the obvious… It’s not warm yet. I am visiting Georgia this week and even there, in a state that borders Florida, the temperature is not foreseen to top a “heated” 53 degrees.

No doubt, there’s a battle happening. A few days ago, I was having a discussion with five-year-old Sophie about the weather. She was asking why it was still cold even though it was almost spring. Together, we decided that winter and spring are at war, kind of like Darth Vader and Luke. We concluded with the hopefulness of spring’s triumph because it always defeats its arch nemesis every single year.

The past few weeks have given way to some sporadic, absolutely gorgeous days. These little (yet gigantic) gifts have been sustaining.







Some even more magnificent foreshadowings have struck me. Yes, these are better than sunshine, bumble bees, and ice cream cones. Today, I was reading over general summaries of the major prophets in the Old Testament. Much of what I scanned today, I’ve studied before. Daniel, in particular most astounded my recollection.

“Since much of Daniel’s prophesy has now been fulfilled in history, and that in minute detail, the book is especially valuable. It not only confounds the critics, but confirms the faith of the believer.” (Phillips, 165)

I won’t further expound on history and theology. I will simply say that the Word of God is living. Its milestones of fulfilled prophesy provide great hope for what is to come. They prove the Father’s continued faithfulness throughout history. This (almost) spring, my understanding has been stretched further than before.


The marks of warm days amidst the cold.

The records of passed divine visions and utterances throughout history.

The hope that both bring.

This breaking of yet another season of promise is confirming His extraordinary promises for what is to come. They go beyond the spring of this year.

From the few glimpses, Northern Virginia seems to host a stunning spring.


Eagerly waiting.

Excerpt taken from Exploring the Scriptures, by John Phillips


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