Thank You, Ruben.

“I’m a grown woman, I do whatever I want.” 

Apparently, Beyonce sings this line. I learned this today. Picture a large, black man repeatedly belting this out in the middle of a morning rush at a crowded Starbucks. I witnessed the occurrance  early this morning. It was quite the site! He was standing, eating at the counter…you know, the one where your drink is handed to you after you’ve ordered. He occasionally would break from his singing (and dancing) to slurp his pink-colored iced tea and bite into his breakfast sandwich. This guy had talent. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s previously met up with Simon, Randy, or whoever judges American Idol these days. Actually, he did look a bit like Ruben. I haven’t watched the show since the season he competed. I think I was in high school.

He didn’t care that all eyes were on him. He continued belting…and I mean, belting. Maybe he fancied the attention. Probably. It was hard to truly decipher, but either way, his exuberance was completely infectious. There was a little boy of about four or five sitting next to me at the bar by the window eating his yogurt and cracking up, giggling and squealing uncontrollably. I wondered if someone would make a complaint about this boisterous man. I glanced around and saw that pretty much every person was smiling a wide smile. Staring at their laptop, ingrained in the Alexandria Times, or watching the free performance, it didn’t matter. Everyone was loving it.


I don’t have any tremendously deep thoughts. I just want more joy. I want joy that explodes…not to exhibit any sort of display of myself. I don’t want to be fake. I don’t want to alter my introverted personality. I don’t care to be happy for the sake of avoiding the problems in the world. I just don’t want to be more carefree, you know? I simply long to live in the way one should live when they’ve had Love taken over them.

He is my joy.



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