Giving [a] Prelude

I like writing a lot. If I’m completely honest, I’ve been struggling to produce. It’s not a great tragedy in the grand scheme of things. Even still, I find extraordinary joy in the spilling out of words. Sometimes the words wind up being quite nice. Oftentimes, they are mixed up and off-beat. Whatever the scenario, I always learn to have at least a little fun. Fact is, I want to write more.

And so, I’m making a pact. For the month of October, I will write every single day. Oh man, that’s weighty. I’m cringing. My Myers Briggs personality profile says I’m prone to dedication and seeing a job through. At this moment, I’m not so sure about this endeavor. Nevertheless, I’m signing up. I didn’t come up with this idea. A few  thousand other bloggers are also participating in this initiative thanks to a lovely woman named Myquillyn.

31 Days. One topic. Can a person actually write on the same talking point for that long? I’m about to figure it out.

Five minutes before I stumbled upon this proposal, I was on the phone with my mom. My mother is wonderful. Her admirable qualities are far too extensive to list. By far, one of my favorites is her willingness to listen. She listens intently and succeeds to give pointed wisdom. Anyway, the poor woman was once again listening to her rambling daughter. There are indeed a few people on earth who get to hear me ramble undisguised. It does happen. A few days ago, Cyndy got to hear all my recent thoughts, concerns, and questions about a particular topic.



My mind has barely had a breather from this word. I’ve been longing to give more. I know I am called to give more. I think of the key scriptures I know about giving and clearly pick up I that I must do so. How much is more? A little more than before, a lot more than before…or all I have? What about saving for upcoming life transitions and endeavors? You know…where does logic and responsibility come into play?

But then giving gets so much deeper than money. I want to be fully giving of my time,  I want my life to be a sacrifice. I think that’s where it all goes. After looking over scores of verses about giving these past few days, I keep coming back to Christ. It’s vast and simple all at the same time, all simmering down to the greatest Giver.

Before I go any further, I should stop. I’m excited and nervous and expectant. My hope for October 2013 is a renewed sense of the Kingdom, how I can best glorify Him in my writing, my giving, and through my life. I pray for His Spirit to infiltrate this endeavor, to make it what He wills it to be.

See you tomorrow, October.


2 thoughts on “Giving [a] Prelude

  1. Oh, Marissa! I will now forever love October. Will you write every day in November? How about December? Maybe January…should I go on? love love love to read your thoughts. XO

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