Back To Giving

I know I’ve slacked. This is entirely more difficult than I presumed. No excuses.

My mom repeated some renowned lines when my siblings and I were growing up.

“Buck up.”

“Quit your belly achin’.”

Here’s my new quote…

“Just write.”

I’m coming back to it all. I’m returning to the thought train of giving.


It never fails. The following song always comes to mind when I think on this subject.

Here are a few of the stanzas:

There is plenty on this earth to suit our needs

But there will never ever be enough to satisfy our greed

Weigh this heavy on me now until can hardly breathe

Love through me


I feel in the right, self-justified giving coins away

But what about the time I consider mine not tomorrow but right now today?

Clothe the naked; feed the hungry; welcome strangers

Come on, get up and open your eyes


So would I give up:

Pillows and cable, clothing and candy,

If a girl could have some more to eat?

Would I lay down:

Making all this money, just to have my milk and honey,

If my fellow man could get the chance to hear about the King?


I want it to be weighed heavy on me now. Maybe I want it weighed so heavy that I can hardly breathe. I think it will be worth it. For what it is worth, endeavoring into this realm for this brief period of time has already shown me a glimpse into the Father’s heart…in a brand new way. There is so much more to be discovered in all of this. His Word is pouring with scriptures about the topic.

I can’t find a “quality” recording of Love Through Me by Jenny & Tyler, but it’s still a sweet song worth sharing in any capacity.


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