Just a Little Journal

Today, I got a glimpse of what it might be like to have a real job…you know, an office job or something. I was inside all day, which is quite contrary to my norm. You see, being a nanny allows me to spend most of my work hours out under the sun. I get to walk a lot, too. With walking the kids to and from school, I average four miles per day, but let’s be honest…pushing a stroller must make it count for six or seven. Once, I tried running while pushing said stroller. Wow, kudos to moms everywhere who can pull this off. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. My arms were like jelly after only a few blocks. I haven’t tried again.

I was inside all of today and most likely will be tomorrow, too. Sick kids are truly one of the most disheartening sights. You know a kid is not faking illness if she says watching television gives her a headache and denies the chance to watch The Incredibles. And you must believe it to be true when she won’t accept chocolate as a bribe for swallowing her grape Tylenol. I was under high demand re-filling sippy-cups, dousing surfaces in Clorox, doing loads of laundry with yack-splattered garments, giving baths, checking and re-checking temps, making toast and tea, reading stories, and of course……cuddling. Littles just want to be loved, especially in their most dire states. This afternoon, Sophie didn’t want anything except to lie next to me on the couch.This little girl who is constantly busy creating something with materials from her art box or hunting for nature objects in the backyard.


It was after dark when I got off this evening. Craving some fresh air and a bit of exercise, I walked with no destination in mind through my quaint little town of Del Ray. The temperature was perfect. It was just cool enough for a sweater, but nothing more. The air smelled of fire the entire way. I did wind up having a destination. I went to a cafe and bought hot chocolate, mostly for nostalgic purposes. It was decadent, tasting like my mom’s. She used to make a colossal pot at every big snow. Chris, Lindsay, and I would invite all our neighborhood friends once we were too frozen to bear even another sled ride. The foyer was always filled to the brim with dripping, wet rubber boots and the large picnic table in our kitchen had bodies crammed on both benches.


These memories flooded my brain as I walked on darling sidewalks, passing old houses with backyard pits and highly strung twinkly lights. The upbeat, girly music (Regina, Ingrid, etc.) coming through my left earbud was putting a pep in my step. Then, my phone vibrated in my pocket. It was my mom. She was texting me out of the blue, writing some things I needed to hear tonight. In short, she was telling me that she loves me.

I love learning about love and life through the seemingly insignificant and “unimportant” days. It’s days like these, the “in-between” ones that sometimes wind up bringing the most perspective, thanksgiving, and adoration. Today was a gift from Jesus and I recognized it multiple times throughout. I pray the same for tomorrow. Heck, I want to see Him more.


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