Drug Stores Forever

I have eccentricities. Some of these quirky habits are classified as Super Single Behaviors.

What is an SSB?  It is as it sounds. I learned of this phenomenon a few years ago when one of my traveling buddies brought it up during a late-night guitar jam sesh and “in-depth” conversation in Romania. She heard the phrase coined on a Sex and the City episode. I’ve never seen Sex and the City. Apparently, in the show, one of the characters from the sexy city had a habit of standing at the counter, reading trashy magazines while eating cereal.

You get it, right? Definition: A frequented mannerism of single persons, not necessarily bad in which judgement should maybe be implemented. And it usually involves food with some kind of oddity to accompany.

What is my SSB? Oftentimes when I get the munchies (usually well into the evening), I grab my jacket and walk the two blocks to CVS. Sometimes, I buy the overpriced Ben & Jerry’s. Other times, I buy a chocolatey Chex Mix. I flounder between the two aisles while deciding. Mind you, I’m typically a quick shopper. Ask my mom and my sister and they will confirm that I dislike shopping. When the SSB is in motion, however, time knows no limits. I linger, for I must make the perfect decision. If I need an extra moment, I’ll wander further to the magazine aisle and read National Geographic or something of the like. I’m usually disappointed at the limited selection, but don’t feel like catching the bus to Barnes & Noble. Back to the snacks. I check out. The girl up front knows me. I don’t go in all that often, but enough that she knows my solo, late-night custom.

One of my other SSB’s is the infinity of purchasing canvas sneakers. I would own every existing pair of Tretorn, Gola and Keds if I could come slightly close to justifying the act. Furthermore, I like wearing the kicks without socks. That gets kind of gross after about four wears. But I recently learned (thanks to Pinterest) that storing shoes with tea bags in them helps absorb  and eliminate the stench.

I hope I don’t sound like a loser. Who am I kidding? Everyone has at least a few Super Single Behaviors, even my non-single friends. I think I’ll dare to say these habits get carried over into marriage. After all, my parents have some quirks. And I’m pretty sure these idiosyncrasies have existed since well before I was born.

I am hopeful. I don’t think I’ll ever have to relinquish my love of drug stores.

I hope I’m walking up to the magazine rack with that looming question when I’m 65…just like the elderly gentleman browsing alongside me tonight. He was behind me in line a few moments later, goods in hand.

This is fairly meaningless, I’m sure. Nonetheless, tonight, I am embracing my super singleness (hopefully like a champ). Thanking God for this season and that He loves even these whacky things about me…and you.



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