In So Deep

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by God that you can hardly contain your reactions?

Have you ever been so utterly amazed by His goodness that you well up with tears?


I’ve been in this unsurpassable place a lot recently. It’s His presence. I’m not here because I’m better, more holy than someone else. I’m here because I’m broken.

Somehow, brokenness always seems to equal fulfillment when God is in the picture.

His Spirit pours, showers, RAINS down His sweet mercy upon my heart, soul, and mind when I mess up the “biggest.”


Truly, I keep on breaking. And when I practically melt, finding myself in desperate weakness, He doesn’t hesitate to straighten my slouch or bestow the greatest satisfaction and joy again and again. He is always more than enough.

I can’t go through a day perfectly, no matter how hard I may try.

But recently, He’s more than enough despite my weakness. He’s more than enough than He’s ever been. Yes, I know He’s always been enough. His immutable nature is, well…immutable. It’s secure, this I know. But for my little being, He’s becoming more than enough, and it’s magnificent.


It’s as if my life is being stripped to nothing but Him. It’s like my very literal being is hanging by a single string from some unknown place. He, Himself is  that string. It seems so terrible to compare God to a string. What I mean is, there is nothing else attached to me. Just Him, only Him.

I only want more. His depths are where I want to go. Because there He is, always waiting. He is patient and kind and loving and gracious and here with me. He’s here with you.


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