Today’s Letter

God and I have conversations in my journal. Sometimes I write far too many of my own babbling words. Other times, I’m willing enough to listen and let Him speak. This tweaked and highly edited version from today might be for more than only myself…

Dearest [Marissa/your name],

Pause for a moment. Take a deep breath. Inhale and know how lovely you are. Do you comprehend it yet? Keep contemplating, breathing…

Catch a glimpse of how wonderful you are to Me. You don’t fully know right now, but be assured. Have no doubts that you are perfect in My sight. This grace that has found you does not recognize the boundaries you try to establish.


Look upon me, your most genuine friend and warmhearted Father. Read my promises and believe they withstand your doubts. I wrote them while you were on my mind. You are always on my mind.

Be relieved of the burdens of this day, this week, this year, or as far as they seem to stretch. Today is a new day. Though it may be well into the evening, it is still brand new.


Step out the door and be thankful for your uninhibited freedom. It is indeed yours. And it is cause for celebration.

Let this joy and freedom you find through celebration carry you today and everyday after. Let everything else be ruined.

He has been teaching me to celebrate each moment because He exists in every single one. He has been showing me  how to embrace the love that is already being poured out on me. He has been helping me see why I exist…for freedom and the illumination of that freedom.


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