Not in the 26 years leading up to marriage did I ever think I would get hitched to a U.S. Marine and find myself living in Japan. I also never thought I would adopt a dog named Romero and have a daughter named Alisan. A Hispanic dog and an Asian child. But you see, Romero is actually Japanese and Alisan is an American citizen.


Life is funny and wonderful. It’s painful and whimsical. It has so many characteristics, yet the FACT that it is temporary has been hanging in the forefront of my being. It’s flying by like the gargantuan Okinawan bats in front of our riverside house. Yes, I’m excited for what is to come in the near future. I am profoundly looking forward to the possibility of spending Thanksgiving in Korea. The day Alisan takes her first steps will bring Dave and I immense joy (we are DYING to take her hiking). I anticipate the next place we will call home. I dream of a front porch and a fire pit round back. I dream of so many things, but there is still one dream which surpasses the rest.

As I hear Alisan’s subtle breathing and peer overtop this Ergo carrier at the laptop screen, I pause. I’ve written. It’s been over a year and I’m certainly rusty.I know this because I’ve switched pronoun usage more than a few times. But anyway, I do hope you can pause today. I pray many of you can stop and reflect on where your life has and is taking you. God’s grace be with you and may you look forward to the place He has prepared. Until then, may we be overflowing with thanksgiving, exuding the joy of the Truth to this fleeting world. This is my best dream…my best dream until He takes me home.


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