…No Edits!.&

Morning chaos.

I think I handled it all gracefully. I’ve been trying to handle situations with more peace and calm. People think I’m even-keeled. HA. My husband probably thought this before we married. I’m pretty sure his opinion has changed, though he is more than patient and forgiving of my sometimes erratic self.

This morning’s first half hour was smooth. I was up just a bit before Alisan, so I was able to get some coffee and feed the dog and pull the sheets up over the bed. All amazing feats.

The first few minutes with her were swell, too. She was a talkative, happy girl this AM. I slipped her into her high chair and began to pull her hair back to prevent it from making contact with her applesauce spoon. I saw little white things in her brown mop. OH NO. Panic. We were actually Skyping “Mom-mom” and little cousin Caleb. My mom (having gone through the louse bout with my sister) was asking me questions about the infrastructure of these white fragments. I tried to remain calm, examine, describe… In my mind I’m thinking, “We leave for vacation this afternoon. Alisan is supposed to go to daycare today. I can’t deal with this.” Breathe. After forking (literally, with a fork) and sticking a few of these “seeds” on a piece of tape, I came to the conclusion it was SAND. The beach trip yesterday helped me to verify. Face palm.

I then booked it out the front door with the babe and pup for a quick walk. Twenty minutes remained before we were due to pull out, which was just enough time for Romero to run around by the river to do his business and get out some energy. He got his energy out, alright. I was texting my friend Amy about vacation plans when Rom-dog leapt off into the dense brush. I heard hissing. Poor kitty. Don’t hurt it, silly pup.

Rustling. Chasing. There was no telling what was going on in that jungle greenery.

Waiting. Lots of waiting. I don’t think he knew how to get out of the thick, for there was no opening. His nose eventually helped him out.

Walking briskly back to the house, I was thinking I knew we would be late. And we were. Alisan screamed to her full potential when I dropped her. My heart ached as I handed her over to her care giver.

Kids and dogs… A whole lotta work, but I wouldn’t want life without them.
I have so much to do for our long weekend away. How funny of me to choose THIS morning to write. I never write when I actually have the time. It’s not even 9:00 and so much has happened.

What else will life throw my way before we take flight over the East China Sea in a few hours? Probably some things. 🙂

And what else will take place before the baby comes and then while we’re moving back to the States? Probably some more things!

In fact, it’s been a really rough couple of months. Between some pregnancy symptoms (I’m fine now) and other family affairs, we seem to have been through the ringer. Even still, there are many others who are going through much more than I. The flooding in Houston has helped to put this into perspective. And even if I was going through losing all my earthly possessions such as a house and car, I would be ok. Life would move on. It would be as hard as heck, but thankfully, I have my faith and Rock to lean into, who is Jesus Christ.

I’ve been learning more than ever before and am continuing to learn THIS day that this world shifts and sways and disappoints and is a bit crazy! But there is One thing that will never change and His promises are true. I can trust He’s HERE. I can know He loves me. I can believe He has ALREADY overcome the world. He is bigger than pseudo nits and detrimental flooding.


He knows the outcome of the rest of this day and the rest of my life. In this moment, I choose to embark on the rest of today’s adventures, knowing He can be my guide if I allow.

No edits, here. I haven’t looked over what I just wrote, for I need to get packing and cleaning.


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