The Labor of God

A few years ago, I spent a month in Mexico on my second mission trip. As I think about it, it has been more than a few years. I am growing up. I am getting old.

The year was 2007 and I was 19. I was experiencing a “spiritual high.” The weeks of traveling and ministering were over. My intern class was spending a day exploring some beautiful waterfalls before driving back through the Mexican country, Texas, New Mexico, and finally, Colorado.


I was experiencing one of my well-remembered “spiritual highs.” Better put, I had fallen in love with God in the deepest of ways up to that point. I had seen the truth of who He is in action. I saw a glimpse of what would be a journey to the furthest corners of the world. Still, I was uncertain. I didn’t know what to do or where to go in the spring after I graduated from the leadership academy.

God gave some words to my younger self on that precise day.

Swimming in ginormous, aqua pools of water. Surging waterfalls surrounding. Daring young men swinging from vines.

I was watching friends being baptized when He spoke. The dense jungle engulfed that particular pool and all was silent.

He said to my distressed little self, “Just say yes. I will take care of the rest.”

Just say “yes.”

I’ve been trying to respond to life with that “yes” ever since. Sometimes I succeed. More often, I fail.

You see, saying yes boils down to trusting. God’s labor, His charge to us is abiding in His exceedingly wonderful presence.

I’m not condoning laziness. I’m not discounting the fight against apparent battles.

He’s impressed upon me that working hard and fighting for Truth are essential in this brief life. These are obvious. But above these duties, we must adhere to a completely opposite acknowledgement. We must STOP trying.


His yoke is indeed easy and His burden is truly light.

It’s so cool. He’s so cool. There are more words, better words to describe. But for right now, excuse my apathy in vocabulary. He’s legit.


Let us step into this rest. Let us jump into uncertainty knowing He certainly takes care of everything when we say, “yes.”